Which Website Allows You to Compare Online Bookstore Prices

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Websites to Sell Books


(Get an online valuation)

BookScouter Summary

  • Utilize the platform on mobile or figurer
  • Choose from over 30+ buyback vendors
  • five star rating arrangement for buyback vendors
  • Quick processing fourth dimension for payments

How to Sell Books on BookScouter

When they’re looking to sell books online many people consider
but they are typically interested in buying back textbooks. But, if you accept other types of books to sell y’all tin still make skilful utilise of the BookScouter platform.

A search of the website will tell y’all what each book you’re trying to sell is worth. Obviously, the valuation is based on what the websites can sell your books for and if it’s in-demand you lot may exist able to sell for more.

The website allows you to compare book buyback vendors and compare prices. If you lot like the price, you can agree a sale. BookScouter facilitates free shipping and and so you’ll get paid.

One-half Toll Books

(Become greenbacks or trade in credit)

Half Price Books
is a slap-up fashion to sell your books in person if you’re lucky enough to take one nearby. Unless you lot have something exceptional you won’t become much, only the process is like shooting fish in a barrel and you can take the money in merchandise. In fact, y’all can fifty-fifty browse for your books every bit the bookseller completes their appraisal and you lot’ll become a call when the offer is prepared.

Powell’southward Books

(Go an instant quote)

Powell’due south Books
is much like Half Toll Books. You bring in a box of books for appraisal while yous expect if you live close to one of their concrete locations. Alternatively you tin can sell them to Powell’s online. But unless the volume is extremely collectible they are only interested in splendid quality books.

Simply enter the ISBNs for each volume into the appraisal form on the website and y’all can become an instant quote. If you lot’re happy with the offering you get a shipping label to print.  The company pays out with store credit or via PayPal when the squad receives and checks your consignment.


(You must take $15 of books to sell)

If you lot have a lot of used books to sell you can create a professional seller account with
AbeBooks. But, if you lot but have a few books to sell it’s far easier to use their volume-buyback service instead.

The platform is ultimately endemic by Amazon and they merits to take the largest online buyback catalog for books. AbeBooks claims that they typically beat a local college bookstore on buyback prices.

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The books must exist in good condition and yous need to accept at to the lowest degree $15 of books to sell. If the books you supply don’t run across the standards prepare by AbeBooks they are recycled and you won’t go paid.


(Earn Amazon credit)

When yous’re researching the best place to sell books online or anything else for that matter, it’s likely that
volition be mentioned.

There are ii options to consider if you want to sell used books on this platform. Firstly, you can merchandise-in a volume for Amazon credit. Enter the ISBN code, check if at that place is an offer, fill up out some details on the condition and and then use the supplied shipping label to send information technology in.

This choice typically gives you more in Amazon credit than yous would get if you lot sold the book for greenbacks considering they desire to go on your money on the site.

The 2nd option is to sell your used books on Amazon by setting up a seller account and creating your listings. You will need a list for every book. This tin have time, but when a buyer purchases your volume you will be informed immediately.


(Minimum $x buy back threshold)

The name
is misleading because this visitor buys other types of used books too. The platform sells used books to students and they also offer a guaranteed greenbacks back option on selected titles.

So, if you’re a pupil and y’all buy a volume yous may exist able to sell it back later at one-half of the purchasing cost if it’due south in good condition. Many buy back sites insist on pristine condition for used books. But Textbooks.com is a footling more accepting and they have a minimum purchase back threshold of $10.

Your Local Independent Bookstore

(Be sure to call alee)

It’south always worth checking out your local indie bookshops when yous want to sell any types of used books. Most of them offer cash dorsum or you can ordinarily get a proficient deal on store credit.

Look online or bank check your local Yellowish Pages for bookstores. Telephone call ahead and check their requirements first or you may be carrying effectually a box of heavy books for the rest of the day.

Online Buyback Programs

(Cheque for minimum thresholds)

Online Buyback programs permit yous to enter the ISBN of a book, fill out details on the condition and and so get a quote and shipping label if they qualify. But, some sites have loftier minimum thresholds and if you lot but have a few books to sell it will exist hard to cash out.

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As I mentioned higher up, BookScouter is a not bad resource to notice good sites to sell your books. If you’re looking at places where to sell books online here are some of our favorites.

Best Apps to Sell Your Books


(Fees: $1.99 or 12.ix%)

offerup logo

OfferUp Summary

  • List and sell your items for free
  • Promote your listing from just $i.99
  • Depression service fee of just 12.9% or $1.99
  • You have up to three days to send your detail


OfferUp you can sell pretty much whatsoever item locally and every potential buyer has a profile, rating, photo and transaction history.

This gives OfferUp a social media type functionality and it boosts confidence on the platform.

Platform charges a fee for each detail sold at 12.nine% or $i.99 (whichever is highest). Nevertheless, as an added bonus, sellers tin become extra rewards if they become repeat buyers.


(United kingdom only)

If you lot like in the UK,
is ane of the best places to sell your used books online. The client reviews are good, they take a quick and efficient appraisement arrangement and the minimum value requirement is just £five.

Merely input the ISBN numbers, or scan them with the WeBuyBooks app and y’all can get your valuation instantly.

If y’all accept the order, print the shipping label and transport the books in for complimentary. As soon every bit the team checks your consignment of books you get your money in your banking concern business relationship within three working days.


(Completely gratis to use)

has simplified the process to buy your used books online. Simply take a photograph of the book, upload it to the site, add the details and y’all’re done. It’south easy to list your items using your Android or iPhone and it’due south completely gratuitous to utilize.

There is a born chat characteristic, so y’all can talk to any potential buyers directly. You can besides list your item in multiple special interest groups. As an integrated solution, information technology is possible to share all of your listings with your favorite social media platforms.

What Should I Practise With Old Books?

Whether y’all’re a college student or bookworm, information technology can be very piece of cake to accumulate a hefty book collection. There are virtually
700 million print books
sold each year. If yous feel like you contribute a significant chunk of these sales, you’re likely to find space on your bookshelves is at a premium.

Many people are interested in learning about how to sell books online but there are a few other alternatives to consider before you become started, they are:

  1. Donate to the local library if your used books are gently worn.
  2. Make a “Free Book” box and identify it in a prominent place.
  3. Donate your books to a local clemency such as Goodwill, The Conservancy Army or other charities that demand stuff to sell.
  4. Make some extra cash and sell used books online.
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Are Sometime Books Worth Anything?

The virtually of import consideration when it comes to valuing any used volume is the condition. A showtime edition is e’er going to be more than valuable than after printings. But a shoddy quondam volume volition not command a good toll. If you’re lucky enough to accept a beginning edition in good status and it has been signed past the author yous may be sitting on a goldmine!

The nifty affair is that y’all can use online platforms to get an approximate value for your books.

But, what you lot need to understand about selling used books online is that you’re non probable to make a lot of money unless you’re selling in bulk. Then, if you lot only have 2-iii books to sell and they are non collectible you would be improve off donating them or taking them to a bookshop.

Tips for Selling Your Used Books

If you desire to sell used books locally or online we have some useful tips to assist yous to secure a sale and stay condom.

  1. Take Intendance When Shipping Books

If y’all’re planning on selling a lot of books it’s a not bad thought to invest in some padded aircraft envelopes or other packing materials. The packaging should exist water resistant and durable enough to protect the book from dings and bumps. Continue your tracking numbers, the online buyer may transport a shipping label, but you still need to make sure the package arrives.

  1. Accept When Meeting In Person

If yous run across a buyer in person, it’s of import to take precautions to protect yourself. Don’t become lonely, consider meeting in a public place and make sure someone knows where you are. E’er deal in cash and if something doesn’t experience right y’all can ever go out.

  1. Be Honest When You Describe Your Used Books

The all-time manner to avoid problems from irate buyers is to describe your books honestly. The more details, the better and unless someone is a serious collector a few dings are not likely to be a trouble.

  1. Consider Altruistic

If your books are not worth much or information technology seems similar a hassle to list them all you can ever donate. Local charities are always looking for items to sell and it’s easy to drop off a box of books when you’re passing.

Which Website Allows You to Compare Online Bookstore Prices

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