Which Surface Most Likely Has the Least Friction

Which Surface Most Likely Has the Least Friction.

Does a rough bumpy surface produce more or less friction. It is generally considered to be the cell.

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Polished marble surface has the least frictional force and to the lowest degree inertia hence car will travel farther on a marble floor.

. Route street tiles etc. The smallest living function of an organism. A Concrete B Carpet C.

What cloth has the virtually friction. Which surface nigh likely has the least friction. Low friction should not be dislocated with not-stick.

Dispatch 25The Mass is measured in and the weight is measured in A. Which surface most likely has the least friction. Which surface nearly likely has the least friction.

Road D Ice 24. This is generally the case for smooth surfaces. Which surface creates the virtually friction.

A Concrete B Ice C Grass D Water. To see if it moves differently. Shoe Force meter weight EVALUATION AIM.

CLASS nine GRADE nine Biology Chemistry Computer. The friction force does not depend A. Motion will be greatest where resistance or friction is least.

A carpeted flooring a paved road a rocky path a h2o slide. If nosotros employ oil on door hinges the friction volition a increases b decreases c disappear altogether d will remain unchanged. Tristan is working with static friction Arya is working with sliding friction Anoush is working with rolling friction and Keran is working with fluid friction.

For all the materials tested silicone has the highest coefficient of friction 061 021 while nylon has the everyman friction 037009. Pounds Kilograms B Kilogram newton C Newton Kilogram 26The dispatch of an object is direct. A water slide.

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From our experiments nosotros have concluded that the rougher surfaces take a. What are the smallest type of owls. Polish and polished surface provides least friction.

Which surface nigh probable has the least friction. Surface area contact C all of the in a higher place D. Research Question Our experiment was testing the theory that if the surface that the weight is sliding across is rough then it will accept a higher coefficient of friction.

Terms in this set 20 Which factors can touch on the amount of friction acting on an object on a solid surface. Because oil acts as a lubricant and. The expression of g in Atwood automobile is.

B Friction in air and water tin can be reduced by streamlining the shape of the objects. The type of surface and the weight of the object. Which surface offers the least amount of friction.

This is a expert clarification for movement of groundwater but might as well be used for disease where resistance is inversely related to health or population density or for animal migration where friction is a combination of factors including food predators climate and topography. Amid all measured sites the palm of the manus has the highest coefficient of friction 062022. 2 on a question Which surface virtually likely has the least friction.

The respond is b decreases. Rough and unpolished surface provides to much friction. WHICH SURFACE CREATES THE Virtually FRICTION.

Which surface most probable has the least friction. Polished marble frozen river etc. Thank you FOR WATCHING.

A carpeted floor a paved road a rocky path a water slide. METHOD 1Put the shoe on the floor 2Put the. If a body remains in its new position when disturbed from its previous position it is said to be in.

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Four students are doing different friction experiments with a cylinder. Mark this answer the brainliest if yous find it so. Which surface has the least amount of friction.

Different shoe and different surfaces. A carpeted flooring a paved route a rocky path a water slide -. 2 question Which surface virtually likely has the least friction.

Charlie is investigating friction. Which surface most probable has the to the lowest degree frictionOlivia bought new gym shoes to play volleyball considering she kept slipping when she ran in her old shoes. C A polished surface volition have less friction.

A Friction can be reduced by converting sliding friction into rolling friction. The to the lowest degree friction happens on slippery and plane surface which has very petty resistance and the greatest friction is happen on rough surfaceThe more rought the surface will be the more than will be.

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Which Surface Most Likely Has the Least Friction

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