Which Pair of Organisms is Most Closely Related to Primates



is the nomenclature of organisms, both plant and animate being, based on their structural characteristics and evolutionary history.

Aristotle is credited with creating the commencement nomenclature system more than than 2,000 years ago. He classified living things as plant or beast according to their appearance. This organisation was expanded later by the Romans to be more specific down to the individual organism types, such equally a cow or elm tree. As more organisms were identified and classified, more than words were needed to separate similar organisms, such equally two types of dog. So new organisms were classified by using lengthy descriptors, which eventually became cumbersome to use as more organisms created the demand for more words. Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish naturalist, began the struggle to classify all living things past proposing a
binomial, or two-proper name system. In this model, the genus is the get-go name, and the species is the second name, with the showtime letter of the alphabet of the genus name always capitalized. Therefore, each organism is sorted by a genus, species classification, such every bit
Human being sapien
for homo. Linnaeus also proposed to aggrandize the genus-species nomenclature to include larger units of likeness, for recognizing extended degrees of kinship. Today, the categories are still based on Linnaeus’s work. For example, the
for humans is the following:

Domain—Eukaryote Order—Primate
Kingdom—Fauna Family—Hominidae
Phylum—Chordate Genus—Homo
Subphyla—Vertebrate Species—Sapien

Moving from domain to species, the organisms are more closely related, such that organisms in the same species have a greater degree of kinship than organisms that are similar only at their family level. For example, both cats and humans are in the class
Mammalia, simply their pathways separate at that bespeak considering cats are in the order
Carnivora, whereas humans are
Primates. However, a grizzly bear, a black bear, and a polar bear are more closely related because they are in the same family unit:
Ursidae. Further, grizzly bears and black bears are more closely related to each other than to the polar bear because the grizzly and black deport are in the same genus:
Ursus, just the polar behave is not. Systematics operates to identify relative kinship and evolutionary intersects amongst species.

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Examine the following classification nautical chart. Which pair of organisms are nearly closely related?

one 2 3
Kingdom Animal Animal Animal
Phylum Chordate Chordate Chordate
Class Mammal Mammal Mammal
Order Primate Carnivore Carnivore
Family unit Hominidae Felidae Felidae
Genus Man Panthera Felis
Species Sapiens Leo Domesticus

Organisms ii and iii are well-nigh closely related considering they take the same family proper noun. Organism 2 is a lion, organism 3 is a common housecat, and organism 1 is a human.

Binomial Classification

The binomial nomenclature system proposed past Linnaeus allowed him and others to grouping organisms together based on common structures, functions, and resulting behaviors, which led to the scientific discipline of taxonomy, or nomenclature.

Binomial classification.

Ofttimes biologists use a
taxonomic primal, likewise known every bit a
dichotomous key, to identify unknown organisms by their physical characteristics. Taxonomic keys work on a base-two premise: The organism either has the characteristic or does not. The resulting answer so directs the biologist to the side by side gear up of questions until all the characteristics accept been accounted for and the organism is identified. The following
Binomial classification
illustration is a fictitious central that demonstrates the procedure.

Endeavour using the post-obit taxonomic key to identify which organism is a “dumlop.”

Characteristic Organism
1a. Information technology has two legs. Zembo
1b. It has more than than two legs. Get to 2
2a. It is shaded. Become to 3
2b. Information technology is not shaded. Go to four
3a. It has a round head. Dumlop
3b. It does not have a round head. Gorgot

Backtracking from the dichotomous key, a dumlop is an organism that has more than two legs, is shaded, with a round head. Virtually dichotomous keys are quite lengthy, to account for all the features that a set of organisms may possess. The broadest keys begin at the kingdom level and proceed to the more specific genus and species levels.

  • Systematics, Taxonomy, and Classification: Alternative Methods of Nomenclature

Which Pair of Organisms is Most Closely Related to Primates

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