Pro-life Republicans accept for years faced accusations from democrats that they practice not care what happens to families in one case children are born, that they take no program to assistance expecting mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

In reply to this accusation, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturnedRoe v. Wade,
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has put forward “a pro-life plan for post-Roe America.”

This from

In a framework
released Friday
, Rubio outlined his vision for what Congress should practise to back up pregnant women and new moms, as well equally those with young children, at present that states are permitted to regulate or outlaw abortion.

His proposals, collectively chosen the “Providing for Life Deed,” would:

  • Create a federal paid leave program,
  • Expand child tax credits, and
  • Make several reforms to kid support and welfare programs.

Rubio said in a statement:

For years, I accept emphasized that Congress can and must do more for unborn children and their mothers.

Nosotros need to adopt pro-life policies that support families, rather than destroy them.

This comprehensive legislation would make a real deviation to American parents and children in need.

Rubio’s programme
includes legislation
 he’southward previously introduced that would allow parents, including parents of adopted children, to employ up to three months of their Social Security benefits to finance paid paternal go out.

The plan too calls for another expansion of the Child Tax Credit, building on 2017 legislation he sponsored with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

Rubio suggests a credit of upward to $3,500 per child, and $4,500 per child for children under the age of 6, including unborn children.

Additionally, the Florida Republican wants to:

  • Strengthen enforcement of kid support laws;
  • Increase funding and aggrandize admission to the federal Women, Infants, and Children program;
  • Make the adoption taxation credit fully refundable;
  • Remove barriers to organized religion-based organizations partnering with federal social services;
  • Create a federal clearinghouse for pregnant women to take like shooting fish in a barrel access to support and resource;
  • Provide federal funding for crisis pregnancy centers; and
  • Protect the rights of pregnant students and their babies.
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Rubio wrote in an
op-ed for the
Washington Examiner


All these steps and more than would provide real, meaningful aid to mothers and their babies.

Now that
Roehas been overturned, I hope my colleagues in Congress realize the importance of this moment and support my pecker appropriately.

Rubio announced his program afterwards the Supreme Court on Friday
followed through
 with its leaked decision inDobbs v. Jackson Women’due south Wellness Organization, overturning court landmark precedents that had established a ramble right to ballgame.

The court’s ruling ways that abortion is no longer federally protected, and states may regulate or ban abortion as they run across fit co-ordinate to the volition of voters.

About every pro-life Republican in states that take enacted bans on ballgame has best-selling that further action is needed to protect and back up expecting mothers, specially those with unwanted pregnancies.

Some states take already begun to take action.

South Dakota on Friday
launched a new website
 that directs pregnant women and mothers of new children to resources offering prenatal intendance, financial assistance, or fifty-fifty adoptive services if needed.

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem besides
chosen for a special session
 of the South Dakota legislature Friday to take up bills to support women and families.

Noem said:

Every abortion always had two victims: the unborn child and the female parent.

Today’s decision will save unborn lives in South Dakota, merely there is more work to do.

Nosotros must practise what we can to assistance mothers in crisis know that there are options and resources available for them.

Together, we volition ensure that ballgame is non but illegal in Southward Dakota—it is unthinkable.

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi had

previously said


is only the first for the pro-life movement.

Information technology was in Mississippi, where a fifteen-week abortion ban was at the centre of the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Reeves also said:

The side by side phase of the pro-life motility is about, what are we doing to assistance those babies that perchance are—they do go to full term that the moms do accept? And what we’re trying to practise is focus on making adoption easier in Mississippi. Nosotros’re focusing on improving our foster care organisation.

Final thoughts: Listed above are several practiced ideas. They’ll be expensive and they’re socialistic but they’re proactive. Passage of these initiatives into law at the federal level, even so, may exist difficult. Democrats will be stinging and bitter from this Roe loss for a long time. They volition long remain vengeful and recalcitrant.

Too, these ideas are Republican ideas. Democrat reluctance to back up Republican initiatives volition become fifty-fifty more pronounced in futurity political discourse.

Further, at the land level, red states will pass their initiatives and will take better care of their people—a uncomplicated fact. Blue states will continue their corrupt malfeasance and they will proceed to drain residents—a sad truth.