What Was One of the Positive Effects of Westward Expansion

What Was One of the Positive Effects of Westward Expansion.

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The California Gilt Rush of the 1849 had its positive and negative furnishings on westward expansion including the increase in population leading to development of California as a state, the removal of Native Americans, and both the stimulation of economy and monetary instability. Therefore, the 1849 Gold Rush had a positive effect by furthering westward.

To brainstorm, the affect of the Californian Aureate Rush on westward expansion was positive in the attribute that it acquired California to be added as a state. Discovery of gold acquired rapid clearing to the west, which created boomtowns such as San Francisco. Thus, rapid increase in population immune the Us to continue to aggrandize west by calculation California equally a state. As people from the east migrated w in search of gilded, it allowed the development of California equally a predominantly Native American-occupied, tribal, Mexican territory to a populated land of the United states of america. Too, the discovery of gold and the increase in population led to higher demand of products and caused stimulated economies, which in turn led to the development of international trading networks and improvement in money economic system. The opening of the Transcontinental Railroad a few years later the Aureate Rush, which immune people to hands travel from east to west, was financed past money of the gold rush. Therefore, the 1849 Gilded Blitz had a positive impact by furthering w.

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Nonetheless, the rapid increase in population also had its negative impact on westward expansion. Due to the large corporeality of people immigrating due west, the amount of gold gradually started to decrease, and therefore, only a relatively pocket-size number of people managed to get rich. And then, this hindered western expansion with the problem of poor local workers and farmers as the basis of society with the rich middle class on top. Therefore, it created a social hierarchy where government and economical developments were slowed down. Despite the initial stimulation of economy, such fiscal success was short-lived, as the rapid mining of golden created a budgetary instability between gilded and silver, leading to hyper inflation as the economy gradually started to disintegrate. Consequently, fiscal problems arose in the country of California, creating difficulties for the people residing the area, leaving a negative touch on on due west expansion.

Also, the rapid immigration to the westward after the discovery of gilt caused Native Americans to be either killed or pushed out of their territories, aiding westward expansion through the concept of Manifest Destiny. With the belief that information technology was justified to remove Indians from their homelands to brand space for white people, the rapid decrease in Native American population, although usually considered negative, was actually helping westward expansion. Supposedly, an guess of 100,000 Native Americans were either killed or pushed out of their homes in the years following the Gold Rush of 1849, which allowed white people of the US to aggrandize their territory into California in a relatively easier way. Even though the decrease in Native American population might have caused a considerable blow to the full population of the area, rapid immigration from the e presently filled upwardly the cavity left past American Indians, thus aiding west expansion.

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The California Aureate Rush wasn’t solely negative for the people of California and the state’s overall economical state of affairs. However, some groups of people did not experience this “California Dream” some immigrants seemed to have lived. The Native Americans living in California at the fourth dimension of the Gold Rush went through unbelievable hardships, easily suffering the most out of anybody. Furthermore, discrimination and racism were issues immigrants from all over the world, especially those of Spanish and Chinese ethnicity, had to feel when coming to California in hopes of gaining wealth. While the discrimination wasn’t nearly as prevalent in the starting time of the Gilded Rush, it became more and more than of a problem when the gilt resource grew scarcer over fourth dimension and the white Californian miners felt as though immigrants should have no right in taking their gold off of their land.

In conclusion, the Gold Blitz of 1849 aided America’due south due west expansion through the removal of Native Americans, stimulation of economy, and population explosion, it still had its considerable negative impacts with the shortage of gold, monetary instability, and pass up of economy. All the same, westward expansion was more often than not assisted by the Gold Rush.

What Was One of the Positive Effects of Westward Expansion

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