What is the Author’s Purpose in Common Sense

What is the Author’s Purpose in Common Sense.

Like many people, I looked forrad to ending my career and doing something new. I couldn’t bring myself to say, “I am retiring,” because information technology seemed implausible. I finished up a 30-twelvemonth career on a very busy annotation. My calendar was jam packed. My days were filled with meetings, phone calls, and lots of responsibilities. One day I got an thought, nurtured by some proficient friends, and I acted on information technology. I prepared to get out my career and do something completely different, radically unlike, to kickstart the next affiliate of my life. I had no idea what I was in for.

Near Brigham Urban center, Utah (Photo Credit: Robyne Stevenson)

Why Retirement Is Appealing

I had done almost everything I wanted to do in my career and I was done. I had no more mental bandwidth to give to my profession and I craved the opportunity to try new things, become to new places, and exist free of the responsibilities of the working world. I thought I should be a writer and travel. Sounds terribly romantic, doesn’t it? Retirement, however, is a life I was not prepared for and I struggled until I got my bearings.

I planned to travel full-time and see all the things I had flown over, seen briefly on trips, and had read about or seen in movies. Why not take on the ultimate road trip, see the country, and write while I travel? I researched the videos and blogs of others who had taken up a like approach to retiring and traveling in an Airstream. It was bittersweet to exit my career but exhilarating to outset a new chapter. I figured if I had something new and exciting to do, I could leave behind my career and immediately be a gleaming new retiree. That was a fake notion.

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outside Zion National Park, UT.
Zion National Park
(Photo Credit: Robyne Stevenson)

A Space Betwixt Career And Retirement

I embarked and enjoyed traveling immensely. Every 24-hour interval was an take a chance. I celebrated this new liberty from schedules and demands on my time. Equally the weeks went by, I realized I traded in old stressors for a new ready of stressors. How practise I navigate my new normal without the construction of my task or regular routine? I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed because that is what I was used to. After a few months, I wasn’t having as much fun as I idea I would accept.

I didn’t have the time to write, which is what I thought I would be doing. I was overstimulated by all the traveling and had nothing left to create anything. I had no routine and every day had to exist invented. I missed the autopilot elements of my old life. I was sure I was failing at retirement.

Luverne, North Dakota.
Luverne, North Dakota
(Photograph Credit: Robyne Stevenson)

Retirement Can Be Groovy

I decided to take a expert expect at what was working and what wasn’t. I consulted a psychologist friend and asked her, “What am I doing incorrect?” “Nothing,” she said. “You are in a liminal infinite.” I had no idea what she was talking about but I learned.

Liminal space is literally an in-between menstruation of discovery. I didn’t know who I was every bit a retiree. How practise I go a writer and what kind of writer should I be? I didn’t know why I should continue to travel and practice it in a way that worked for me. But now, I could stand in liminal space. I realized information technology is okay to not know what to do or how to exercise it. Discovery is a procedure and it takes time. It took me some other 6 months to become myself on a path. In one case I got through that period, I found retirement to be equally rewarding as I hoped it would be.

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Pro Tip:
Requite yourself permission to notice and requite yourself time to observe fully. Any you’re looking for will come to you somewhen.

Unexpected Benefits I Discovered In Retirement

I’ve learned that travel and being out in nature gives me inspiration. I candy all that I had seen and done in the outset year and I was amazed at the depth of beauty and creativity that the land presents to me. I began to understand that in my retirement I am in search of inspiration. Traveling provides that to me. My writing career took off.

What surprised me virtually in retirement is that my personal currency inverse. My currency for xxx years had been as a Ph.D., a faculty member, and a teacher/mentor. None of that mattered in my new life of retirement. I didn’t have that currency to merchandise on every bit I traveled considering it wasn’t valuable to the people I met or helpful in the things I had to learn.

Everyone who retires and walks away from whatever they were doing volition experience this phenomenon. I created a new currency out of my passion to be inspired. I tried new experiences. I exponentially increased my intention to connect with family and friends. I began to interact with people in new ways. It wasn’t familiar at start, but I kept trying. I didn’t replace an old career with a new one. Instead, I let my spirit smoothen.

Release of my first novel - March 2021.
Robyne’s novel
(Photo Credit: Robyne Stevenson)

My Purpose In Retirement Motivates Me Every Day

I had a romantic notion that I would exist a author on the route because it sounded audacious and gratuitous-wheeling. It wasn’t until I really started writing in earnest that I realized what it takes to be a author and how profoundly gratifying it is. I had to notice my fashion in my purpose of writing. Writing gives me a chance to connect with people I don’t know and may never meet. My intention is that my words will give them a glimpse into their ain possibilities and inspire them.

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The adage, “it’southward a journey, not a destination,” is apt for retirement. Know that you are starting a new journey the day you lot retire. That first solar day may seem like a destination where you take finally arrived simply it’s not. What journeying you take and what milestones yous achieve are yours and in that location is no set up time or speed.

Who you know yourself to be will arrange every bit you leave one set of circumstances in your old job and feel new circumstances of retirement. Permit your imagination run. Be inspired! If yous travel, consider what y’all are experiencing — the joy, fear, wonder, or whatever it is. Capture that as well every bit your souvenirs and photos. Put your inspiration to use in whatsoever purpose you detect in your new life — your grandkids, sewing, golfing, art, or even writing.

Pro Tip:
Share yourself equally a retiree through your purpose. It volition be amazing.

What is the Author’s Purpose in Common Sense

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