What Factors Contributed to Novartis’s Invoice Processing Being So Complex

What Factors Contributed to Novartis’s Invoice Processing Being So Complex

Factors Contributed to Novartis’due south Invoice (Essay Sample)


Directions: Read the following case

What do you lot practise when you lot take more than 600 business organization units operating through 360 independent affiliates in 140 countries around the earth—processing circuitous invoices in various languages and currencies? You seek out the all-time engineering solution to make the task easier.
At global pharmaceutical behemothic Novartis, the It department is a strategic resource, a customs of 2,000 people serving 63,000 customers in 200 locations and 25 information centers. Because most of the company’south invoices come from international suppliers, they have differences in blueprint, linguistic communication, taxes, and currency. Consequently, many ended upwards as “query items” requiring transmission resolution past Novartis accounting staff—which delayed payments and fabricated those invoices extremely costly to procedure. In fact, finance personnel spent so much of their fourth dimension resolving queried invoices that other work suffered. A solution was badly needed.
To maximize its investment, Novartis needed a flexible solution that would meet its current and futurity needs and function in other business concern departments in a variety of geographic locations. It should provide fast, authentic document capture and multi-language support, and should extend to other types of information—such as faxes and electronic data—in improver to paper documents. Finally, in club to obtain financing for the projection, return on investment (ROI) was required inside ix months of project implementation.
InputAccel for Invoices from EMC/Captiva was the answer. The software extracts data from paper documents, utilize intelligent certificate recognition (IDR) technology to convert them to digital images, and sends relevant data to enterprise resource planning, accounts payable (A/P), and other back-end management systems. The specialized InputAccel server manages output by recognizing and avoiding holdups in the workflow procedure. It as well ensures if a server goes offline, others will carry on functioning, thus fugitive downtime.
Now Novartis scans incoming invoices at a centrally located site, and the images are transmitted to the InputAccel for Invoices server for epitome improvement. Invoice information is then extracted and validated confronting supplier information. Almost invoices are transferred directly for payment, with relatively few invoices requiring transfer to one of three accounts payable clerks who deal with queries manually. Novartis is a global leader in the research and development of products that improve health problems. InputAccel was selected past Novartis to be part of its accounting system.
Thanks to IT, overall efficiency has increased, processing errors are reduced, and bookkeeping personnel tin apply their time and expert noesis for more meaningful tasks than resolving invoice errors. For Novartis, information technology is “mission achieved.”
Submission Instructions
In the textbox, reply the following questions:
What factors contributed to Novartis’s invoice processing existence so complex?
How did IT assistance the company solve that problem?
What other uses and functions does InputAccel serve, and how will this be useful to Novartis over the long term?

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1 What factors contributed to Novartis’southward invoice processing being then complex?
The post-obit factors take contributed to the complexity of Novatis’ invoice process: the company is a multinational corporation with numerous locations and suppliers from diverse regions who issue invoices in a variety of languages, currencies, and designs, making invoice processing more hard because employees in the data center and accounting section must convert them into common currency.
The inquiry items in the invoices, which demand man labor from the bookkeeping section, are the second effect that I believe is driving the hard invoicing process. A query detail is the tiniest invoice object that may be included in a report. It indicates a unmarried occurrence of something, such equally the buy or auction date of a product. This costs coin since it takes time for accounting personnel to process. The accountant’south job is so sluggish in resolving these issues that it disrupts all other processes, such as payments and invoicing, and makes invoice processing more difficult.
2 How did IT help the company solve that problem?
Information technology is a sector that is always changing. It’due south extremely difficult to place industry trends because of the rapid speed and book of change, as well as IT’south wide reach. Digital forensics, the transition to a dispersed workforce, and the increased usage of grid computing are all developments that are changing today’s

What Factors Contributed to Novartis’s Invoice Processing Being So Complex

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