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This mail service is a part of the Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt Along.  Below is a list of all the posts and articles on this series.

  • Annunciation – Sign ups and Details
  • Fabric Requirements, Coloring Canvas and Fabric Bundles
  • Details About the Quilt
  • FAQ
  • Invitation Video
  • Week #1 – Flying Geese
  • Calendar week #2 – Millie, Josephine and Sadie
  • Week #3 – Gabrielle and Ava
  • Week #four – Brianna and Luciana
  • Week #5 – Isla and Olivia
  • Calendar week #6 – Aliyah and Asha
  • Week #7 – Jada and Alana
  • Calendar week #8 – Juliana and Sofia
  • Calendar week #ix – Large 4-patches
  • Calendar week #x – Finished Quilt Superlative

Today nosotros volition be discussing mostly how the fabric requirements are broken up for this quilt and a few questions I’ve been getting here and there nigh fabrics.  If y’all missed last Monday’southward mail service with all the cloth requirements, you can find it hither.

Let’s dig in!

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About the Fabric Requirements

Textile requirements!  So when it comes to a quilt forth with a sampler quilt, at that place’due south never any cut instructions that are specific as you will find in my other quilt patterns.  You lot know the ones.  It e’er tells you to cut a 3.5″ strip and and so subcut information technology and apathetic blah blah.  Very detailed.

In a quilt along like the Little Miss Sawtooth Star Quilt you don’t get those instructions.  Instead you’ll get the fabric cuts that you volition need for each block.  So if we are making a 4-patch, y’all will become fabric requirements that tell y’all that y’all need (4) three.five″ squares.  Doing it this way will let you to utilize your fabrics every bit you delight and cutting how you want to.  If you are starting with fat quarters, you lot will butcher your fat quarters to decease and cease up with scraps leftover by the fourth dimension the quilt has been finished.  This freedom will too let you lot to do your own thing with the fabrics.  For example, but because in that 4-patch, I told you that iv different fabrics are needed, doesn’t mean y’all accept to do information technology that way.  You could brand a 4-patch with only 2 fabrics.  It’south all about what you want!  This method of making a quilt is peculiarly good for using up your scraps, then if you lot are inclined, practise dig effectually in your chip bins.

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Custom Quilt Labels

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Quilt above made by Tracy Loukota

Prints & Backgrounds

Let’southward talk about how the prints and backgrounds are decided.  The print fabrics are for the stars.  This includes all the stars inside and the star points.  When you the design tells you lot to cut fabrics, you want to be certain you are cut the right fabric.

Block above made by Nicole Gendy

The block to a higher place is block #xv, it’southward name is Sofia.  In this cake y’all can really tell what’southward what.  The star was cut from the main fabric (prints) and the rest of information technology, the four corners and the larger parts of the flight geese are from background fabric.  I don’t spell this out for y’all in the pattern.  Most of y’all who are experienced quilters will know this automatically, but a few of my testers thought that new quilters might not realize this.  It’s not the sort of the matter nosotros usually add worded into the pattern, as you lot may want to use main or prints for your groundwork and solid whites for your star.  Information technology’s ever up to you.  In the web log mail service that volition accompany each block release it will be spelled out for you so that you know what I’chiliad using what to go where.  This mode you can change anything to adjust your own style.

If you lot’ve been following me for a while so you lot’ve probably seen how obsessed I am with low volume fabrics every bit my backgrounds.  I rarely brand a quilt not in this style.  So when yous do see my blocks for this quilt, y’all’ll notice that they are a flake more scrappy and patchy looking than the make clean style that Nicole has then lovingly fabricated in her block above.  At that place’s nothing wrong with either method, it’south just two different styles.  If you lot are interested in instructions that bear witness how I ordinarily cut fabrics for the backgrounds of my quilts, yous can read virtually that here.

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Quilt fabricated by Lorraine of @notLaverne

I’m probably overthinking this adjacent fleck, but I don’t want whatever new quilters confused and it has been mentioned to be at to the lowest degree one other quilter, merely you may know that I’ve curated a few fabric bundles for this quilt and the majority of them are saturated colored prints, merely there are a few low volume fabrics in there too.

The textile bundles only include fabric for the stars, so you can employ low volumes as parts of the inside of your stars and use them as your background too.  Y’all’ll notice that Lorraine has done that so prettily in her quilt to a higher place.

In some quilts it really matters which fabric goes where and in some quilts, not so much.  This quilt I tend to permit loose a little chip.  If y’all don’t use more saturated prints for your star points they could get lost in the shuffle peculiarly if you are making a scrappy quilt.  Like I’ve already mentioned, in my quilts I tend to do a scrappy low book background.  I wouldn’t utilise these fabrics for my star points at all.  If I did you wouldn’t be able to meet the star point from the background.  However, that doesn’t always stop me from using actually light colors as star points.  Discover my quilt in a higher place with the stake peach and light mint star points of my flight geese.  I find this perfectly acceptable, just maybe you don’t?  It’s simply something to exist mindful of when planning your quilt.  Learning what you lot will like volition help you create a quilt you beloved.

My Quilt Patterns

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Quilt made by Isabel o
f @lambandwolfie

A Few Supplies

In this quilt pattern, I’m education a different style of making one-half foursquare triangles from strips of fabric versus the usual method of making them from squares in ane of the blocks.  I’m absolutely in love with it and can’t expect to use it for more than quilts as my scraps tend to be quite a bit of WOF strips.  I always make my HSTs with a ruler that’s pretty pop among quilters.  I also tend to forget that we aren’t all making them the same way!  My testers have asked me to STRESS HOW MUCH THIS RULER IS NEEDED for the Gabrielle block.  To utilise this method of HST making that I’m then in love with, this ruler is crucial.  Several of my testers talked me into including a template for those who do not have this ruler.  You can purchase the ruler here.  But know that there will exist a template in the PDF version of the blueprint.  My suggestion is to cut out the template out and record it onto the corner of one of your foursquare rulers.  It’ll work just the same!

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Other than that at that place aren’t whatsoever other supplies required.  You may want some fussy cut rulers, but y’all don’t have to have them.  There are a gazillion moments available to fussy cut in this quilt if that’southward your thing!

I don’t have that many rulers.  I know at that place are quilters with quite a collection.  I’ve plant that the few I have serve me well enough.  The rulers I’ve mentioned above I’ve had since I first began quilting.  I should really practise a post all about rulers.

Product Spotlight

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Quilt made by Cindy of @Stitchy_Goodness

Final Thoughts

At that place are a few moments in this quilt where I’m showing you techniques that I oasis’t shown in whatsoever of my patterns before including one cake with some fractional seams.  I recall you are going to be amazed at how easy they are!

In that location will exist video tutorials for every single block in this quilt, then if you are new to quilt making, you will be taken intendance of.  Nosotros also always have such warm and friendly quilters participating, so feel free to inquire questions to me or by going on Instagram and using the hashtags to connect with other quilters.

Let me know if I’ve missed a question you need an answer too and I’ll add information technology to this mail.

The Cherry Beatrice Quilt

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What Does Jada Learn From the Quilters

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