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Cultural values

Due south are the elements or convictions mutual to a group of people. These make up one’s mind the fashion of beingness and guide the behavior and decisions of individuals within the same group. They are symbols that when united represent the totality of the culture.

The cultural values ​​of a grouping are not e’er obvious to the naked eye. These are deeply linked to the identity of this grouping.

They can be identified by observing the traditions that people within a group have transmitted for generations to their descendants (notes, 2016).

The culture inside a grouping adapts and evolves with the needs, desires and opportunities that are presented inside the same.

The change is the outcome of the movement of a group to a new geographical location or simply an element that derives from the passage of time.

Technological development and its advances are highly related to the modification of cultural values. The technology ordinarily exerts a strong influence on the daily practices, changing the fashion they are carried out with each new development.

Technology has the abiding in the history of having inverse the way humans operate (Marketing, 2017).

From the exterior, the cultural values ​​of a grouping tin can often be hard to understand. However, within a group, cultural values ​​are the central and ideal principles upon which the unabridged community is constituted.

Examples of cultural values

1 – Cows in India

In India, 80% of the population practices the Hindu faith. For the believers of this religion, the figure of the cow is venerated and should not exist sacrificed.

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This is office of their cultural values, which is why many people can endure from hunger and malnutrition, and nevertheless they will not affect the cows that roam the streets to feed on them (Yelnick, 2017).

For Western civilization, this is a strange cultural value, since cows are a source of food and non of worship.

In this sense, few times a cow dies from natural causes in America and is seldom revered.

2 – Industrial Revolution

Historically, technological advances have led to cultural values ​​existence transformed.

In the case of industrial Revolution , There was a wide mobilization of the populations from the countryside to the city, where they no longer held their position as sedentary farmers and had to adopt a faster pace of life and inside a factory.

iii – Advertising and language

Linguistic communication in the world of advertising Is ane of the best ways to highlight the cultural values ​​of a grouping.

Ignorance of the meaning that a language may take in different cultures can pb to the publicists in the market industry to commit serious faults.

On the other paw, a group can speak several languages, therefore, every bit part of its cultural values ​​all the information distributed within these groups must be presented in all the common languages.

4 – Kiss to say hello

In Russia, Argentina and other countries of the globe, cultural values ​​dictate that men among them should be saluted and dismissed with a osculation on the cheek.

This custom is accepted within these cultures, even so, in countries similar the United states of america it is completely unacceptable by most people.

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five – Food and beverages

In European countries, like French republic, it is common to serve wine as a companion to all meals. This custom is part of its historical traditions and is strongly rooted in the cultural values ​​of the region.

Nonetheless, in American countries accompanying the food with vino is unusual. In this region the food should be accompanied with soft drinks, such equally soft drinks and juices.

half-dozen – Condition

In different cultures the status is acquired differently depending on their values. In the case of most American cultures, smashing importance attaches to textile goods.

For this reason, a person with loftier purchasing ability will have more status within club. On the other hand, within the cultural values ​​of the people of India, condition does non depend on fabric possessions.

7 – Christmas

The Christmas party is an effect widely celebrated in the American continent and usually has a highly religious connotation.

On the other hand, in other cultural groups, such as the Jews, Christmas is not celebrated and is non function of its cultural values.

8 – Individualism

In many societies individualism is highly valued. In this way autonomy and work are encouraged past detail objectives.

Thanks to this, much attending is given to individual needs every bit determinants of behavior.

Members of societies with individualistic cultural values ​​tend to take higher rates of divorce, and social interaction activities tend to be shorter and less intimate.

Due east Blazon of values Cultural events generally takes place in large cities (Consulting, 2015).

9 – Collectivism

In societies with commonage cultural values, people tend to employ plural linguistic communication to talk about the needs of their grouping. The members of the society piece of work in an interdependent and harmonious mode.

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It is of import to emphasize that interpersonal relationships are important and make up one’s mind the beliefs of people.

Such cultural values ​​are common to families, minor societies that inhabit villages, support groups.

In general, in these types of groups interactions are more intimate and prolonged.

ten – Punctuality

Depending on the cultural values ​​of each group, punctuality is more than or less relevant. In the example of certain Latin American societies, it is mutual for punctuality to be a secondary upshot.

Nevertheless, in certain European societies, punctuality Is synonymous with respect for who is nowadays (Pyo, Hewitson, & Gordon, 2014).

Other examples

Other examples of cultural values ​​may include the following:

i – Gender differences.

2 – Social hierarchies

3 – Respect for the elderly

4 – Generosity

5 – Tolerance

6 – Kindness to young people

7 – Food

8 – Religious beliefs

9 – Political stance

10 – Blazon of music popularly heard


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What Cultural Value Can Be Inferred From This Passage

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