The Nazi Party Adopted Official Anti-semitic Policies Because Party Members


Hitler reviews an SA parade as it passes in front of the Dortmund theater. —Mahn- und Gedenkstaette Steinwache Dortmund


Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler as High german chancellor on January xxx, 1933, the Nazi state (also referred to every bit the 3rd Reich) rapidly became a regime in which citizens had no guaranteed basic rights. The Nazi rising to power brought an end to the Weimar Republic, the German language parliamentary democracy established afterwards Globe State of war I.  In 1933, the regime established the outset concentration camps, imprisoning its political opponents, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others classified as “dangerous.”  Extensive propaganda was used to spread the Nazi Party’s racist goals and ideals. During the commencement half dozen years of Hitler’s dictatorship, German Jews felt the effects of more than than 400 decrees and regulations that restricted all aspects of their public and private lives.

Highlighted event: Book Burning, May x, 1933

  • Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor
    Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor
    January 30, 1933

    The Nazi Party assumes control of the High german state.

  • Reichstag Fire Decree
    Reichstag Fire Decree
    February 28, 1933

    President Hindenburg suspends ramble protections in Federal republic of germany.

  • Establishment of Dachau Camp
    Establishment of Dachau Camp
    March 22, 1933

    The SS establishes the Dachau concentration campsite in March 1933.

  • Anti-Jewish Boycott
    Anti-Jewish Boycott
    April 1, 1933

    Members of the Nazi Political party and its affiliated organizations organize a nationwide boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany.

  • Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service
    Police force for the Restoration of the Professional person Civil Service
    April 7, 1933

    German law excludes Jews and other political opponents from ceremonious service positions.

  • Law Limits Jews in Public Schools
    Police force Limits Jews in Public Schools
    April 25, 1933

    The Law against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.

  • Book Burning
    Book Burning
    May 10, 1933

    Books deemed “un-German” are publicly burned throughout Germany.

  • Law for the “Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases”
    Police force for the “Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases”
    July 14, 1933

    New German language law mandates the forced sterilization of certain individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

  • Central Organization of German Jews Formed
    Key Organization of German language Jews Formed
    September 17, 1933

    German Jewish organizations join together to form the
    Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden.

  • Editors Law
    Editors Law
    Oct 4, 1933

    New High german law forbids non-“Aryans” to work in journalism.

  • Law against “Dangerous Habitual Criminals”
    November 24, 1933

    A new German language law allows courts to order indefinite imprisonment.

  • Röhm Affair
    Röhm Matter
    June 30, 1934

    Hitler orders the purge of the top leadership of the SA, the Nazi Party paramilitary formation.

  • Death of German President von Hindenburg
    Death of German President von Hindenburg
    Baronial 2, 1934

    Adolf Hitler becomes President of Federal republic of germany.

  • Hitler Abolishes the Office of President
    Hitler Abolishes the Office of President
    August 19, 1934

    Hitler becomes the accented dictator of Germany.

  • Ban on Jehovah’s Witness Organizations
    Ban on Jehovah’due south Witness Organizations
    April i, 1935

    The German government bans all organizations of the Jehovah’s Witness Christian denomination.

  • Revision of Paragraph 175
    Revision of Paragraph 175
    June 28, 1935

    Revision of Paragraphs 175 and 175a facilitates the systematic persecution of homosexual men in Nazi Deutschland.

  • Nuremberg Race Laws
    Nuremberg Race Laws
    September 15, 1935

    The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 herald a new moving ridge of antisemitic legislation that brings firsthand and physical segregation.

  • Olympic Games Open in Berlin
    Olympic Games Open up in Berlin
    August 1, 1936

    The Nazi dictatorship camouflages its racist, militaristic character while hosting the Summertime Olympics.

  • Jesse Owens Competes in Olympic Games
    Jesse Owens Competes in Olympic Games
    August iii, 1936

    Owens’ victory in the 100-meter nuance is the first of four gilded medals he wins at the 1936 Olympic games.

  • Buchenwald Concentration Camp Opens
    Buchenwald Concentration Camp Opens
    July xv, 1937

    Buchenwald becomes 1 of the largest concentration camps established inside the old German language borders of 1937.

  • Antisemitic Exhibition Opens in Munich
    Antisemitic Exhibition Opens in Munich
    November 8, 1937

    Josef Goebbels and Julius Streicher open the antisemitic exhibition
    Der Ewige Jude
    (The Eternal Jew) at the library of the German Museum in Munich, Federal republic of germany.

  • German Annexation of Austria
    German Annexation of Austria
    March 11, 1938

    On March 11–13, 1938, German troops invade Republic of austria and incorporate Austria into the German language Reich in what is known as the

  • Helen Baker Diary Entry
    Helen Bakery Diary Entry
    March fourteen, 1938

    An American woman describes what she witnessed as Hitler entered Vienna.

  • Anti-Jewish Laws in Republic of hungary
    May 29, 1938

    Hungary adopts comprehensive anti-Jewish laws and measures.

  • Evian Conference
    Evian Conference
    July 6, 1938

    Delegates from 32 countries nourish a conference in Evian, France, to discuss the growing refugee crisis.

  • Law on Alteration of Family and Personal Names
    Constabulary on Amending of Family and Personal Names
    Baronial 17, 1938

    A new German law requires Jews bearing first names of “non-Jewish” origin to adopt an additional proper name: “Israel” for men and “Sara” for women.

  • Munich Agreement
    Munich Understanding
    September 29, 1938

    Germany, Italy, Bully Uk, and French republic sign the Munich understanding.

  • German Jews’ Passports Declared Invalid
    German Jews’ Passports Declared Invalid
    Oct 5, 1938

    The Reich Ministry building of the Interior invalidates all High german passports held by Jews. Jews must surrender their old passports, which volition become valid only after the letter “J” has been stamped on them.

  • Kristallnacht
    November 9, 1938

    In a nationwide pogrom called Kristallnacht, members of the Nazi Party and other Nazi formations burn down synagogues, loot Jewish homes and businesses, and kill at least 91 Jews.

  • American Student Reflects
    American Student Reflects
    Nov xi, 1938

    Robert Harlan witnessed Kristallnacht. He recorded his observations while traveling to assistance the parents of a Jewish friend whose house was ransacked.

  • Exclusion of Jews from German Economic Life
    Exclusion of Jews from German Economic Life
    November 12, 1938

    A new German decree closes all Jewish-endemic businesses.

  • First Kindertransport Arrives in Great Britain
    Showtime Kindertransport Arrives in United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
    December 2, 1938

    In agony, Jewish parents send their unaccompanied children abroad to escape Nazi persecution.

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The Nazi Party Adopted Official Anti-semitic Policies Because Party Members


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