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Regular eye exams are key to protecting your vision. Photo Courtesy: Inside Creative Firm/iStock

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Aging Well, a SymptomFind series with tips to help you protect your health and well-beingness every bit you get older. This first edition focuses on eye health — and throughout the serial, nosotros’ll bring you trusted tips to aid you stay strong, healthy and independent for years to come.

Many eye diseases are more common in older adults. Only vision loss
does not
have to be a normal function of crumbling. In fact, you tin make simple changes to your daily routine to lower your risk for eye diseases that crusade vision loss.

In this guide, nosotros’re offer evidence-based tips to help you protect your vision as you get older. Learn how changes you make today tin protect your sight for a lifetime.

Yep, everyone’s vision changes slightly as they go older. After age 45, the lens of your centre doesn’t focus too — and that makes it harder to see things up close. That’s why many older adults utilize glasses to read.

If yous’re having trouble reading or seeing things upwards shut, run across your eye md for an test. Your eye doctor may recommend prescription reading glasses or contacts, or you lot may exist able to use over-the-counter reading glasses.

While this small vision change is a normal and expected part of aging, more serious vision changes and vision loss are not normal. See your medico right away if you notice changes in your vision.

Am I at Hazard for Eye Diseases?

Older adults are at college adventure for several heart diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma and historic period-related macular degeneration.

  • Cataracts
    are cloudy areas in the lens of your center. More than half of Americans over age fourscore have had cataracts. The good news is, a unproblematic surgery tin can prepare cataracts.
  • Glaucoma
    is a grouping of eye diseases that damages the nerve that connects your middle to your brain. Early treatment tin stop the harm and protect your sight.
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
    is an middle illness that makes your central vision blurry. People ages 55 and older are at college risk for AMD, but there may be treatments that can help.
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Diabetic middle disease is another main crusade of vision loss in older adults. If you have diabetes, y’all’re at take chances for diabetic eye disease — and your risk gets higher as you get older.

Your risk for middle diseases may as well exist higher depending on your race, gender, family unit history of eye diseases and any other health conditions you take. Talk with your medico most your personal risk for eye disease.

And recall, while your take a chance for these middle issues goes up equally yous age, you can nonetheless have steps to protect your heart health. So don’t give up on your eyes!

How Tin I Protect My Sight?

Taking care of your heart health can exist as simple as eating your veggies and remembering your sunglasses when you exit the firm. Follow these vi tips to protect your vision.

1. Get Regular Eye Exams

Centre diseases that cause vision loss often have no early symptoms. So the only way to find them early on is to get regular center exams. Your eye doctor tin can exam your vision and find middle problems early, when they’re easier to treat.

The National Eye Institute says that everyone over age 60 needs an centre exam every i to ii years. But depending on your gamble for eye diseases, y’all may need to start getting eye exams earlier or become them more often. For example, people with diabetes may need to get eye exams at least once a twelvemonth. Inquire your medico how often y’all need an eye exam.

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ii. Eat Right for Your Sight

Healthy eating is key to your overall health. It can help prevent weather similar diabetes that tin can damage your eyes. And sure foods accept nutrients that tin can help protect your vision, including:

  • Leafy green veggies, like spinach and collards
  • Dark orange veggies, like sweet potatoes and carrots
  • Fish that provide Omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and tuna

And so eat plenty of colorful veggies and fatty fish equally part of a healthy, balanced diet.

3. Stay Agile to Go along Seeing Your Best

Regular concrete activeness is another key way to stay salubrious as y’all get older. And it lowers your risk for health conditions that can affect your vision, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Try to get about two and one-half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each calendar week. That’s anything that raises your middle rate and makes you breathe faster, similar walking, biking or swimming. You lot could do xxx minutes on five days a calendar week, or whatever schedule works for y’all. And at least two days a calendar week, practice an activity that strengthens your muscles, like yoga, lifting weights or even conveying groceries.

If you’re just getting started, do as much as you can and work your way upwardly to more than! Even 5 minutes of walking a day tin make a departure.

4. Manage Your Other Health Conditions

Health conditions similar diabetes and high claret pressure level put y’all at higher risk for center bug. So getting these conditions nether command is key to protecting your sight.

For case, if you have diabetes, controlling your blood sugar can lower your risk for diabetic eye disease. Talk with your doctor about the best way to manage your health atmospheric condition.

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5. E’er Wearable Your Sunglasses

Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sunday can damage your eyes and enhance your risk for cataracts. So information technology’due south of import to wear sunglasses that block UV light. Try to vesture your sunglasses whenever you go out in the daytime — even if information technology’s cloudy outside.

half-dozen. If You lot Fume, Quit

Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs and your overall wellness. Information technology besides raises your adventure for AMD and cataracts. If you smoke, make a plan to quit.

Get Assistance Living with Vision Loss

If you already accept vision loss, there are lots of services and devices that tin help you brand the most of the sight you nevertheless have. These are sometimes called “low vision” or “vision rehab” services.

A specialist can help you learn to do everyday tasks more than easily. For case, you may need a magnifying device to aid y’all read, or you may need to rearrange your furniture to assist y’all move effectually your home ameliorate. Enquire your medico about services and devices that can assist yous alive better with depression vision.

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The Enlightenment Was an Age of Inquiry Based on


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