Positive Coping Skills Include All of the Following Except

Positive Coping Skills Include All of the Following Except.

If you have identified or you suspect that your child is self-harming, and you’ve talked to them and offered your support, it’southward now fourth dimension to help them bargain with this problem in the immediate future.

Find out about what causes self-harm and what to do nearly information technology, and always have this info in the back of your listen when you approach your kid about getting assist to prevent them self-harming again.

If your child is resistant or afraid to seek aid it’due south probably because they’re feeling fright, shame or emotional pain and don’t quite know how to bargain with it or talk near it. It’s important not to strength assist on them just you can talk about things that yous know nigh that tin help.

A big gene that contributes to the need to self-harm is feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Nevertheless there are some techniques you tin can teach your child to help them manage their feelings.

The following strategies to avoid self-harming accept been suggested past people who experience this compulsive behaviour. Keep in mind that they may non work for everyone – your child may need to go along trying until they observe something that works for them.


Go on things your child uses to cocky-harm in a locked cupboard or in a box with sticky tape around it. It will delay the behaviour and restrict the impulse by taking away the ways to cocky-harm. This will give them time and opportunity to choose a different or more than positive way of coping.

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Suggest activities that your child enjoys to help them accept their heed off the negative feelings that are making them want to self-harm. When they feel overwhelmed by their emotions, it can be difficult to remember the things that give them pleasance. Your suggestions should serve as reminders of things that they like to do. But information technology’s important non to press them.

Some activities, such equally listening to or playing music and reading, are solitary so a expert way for them to bask some space. Solitude is a coping machinery that your child may need before they are gear up to seek out their friends and family once again. Some people take a bubble bath, write in a journal, or become for a walk or swim.

Hobbies and going to the movies are other examples of activities they may choose when they are gear up to socialise. All these provide distraction and focus that can lift their sense of themselves.


Low risk activities like punching a pillow – still technically self- harm simply safer – is an case of diverting negative emotions in a physical fashion. Another technique is to hold an ice cube until it melts. There is a sense of discomfort experienced but it volition not have lasting effects.

Diversion techniques should be planned with a professional. It’due south not advisable to back up your child with these on your own as there is a possibility of the cocky-harming behaviour escalating.


Once the urge has passed, one of the simplest techniques for being able to cope is to be aware of breathing. When nosotros panic we exhale faster so a conscious decision to exhale more slowly and a scrap deeper has a very calming and positive effect. Often we tin immediately feel the benefit of slow breathing merely then we forget about it when some other overwhelming feeling occurs.

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Controlled breathing can be learned and at that place are mobile phone apps such equally ReachOut Exhale that tin can teach your child how to exercise this.

Mindfulness can besides exist achieved through meditation and relaxation techniques. It’due south ofttimes easier for someone to have you through progressive muscle relaxation or introduce you to meditation or mindfulness.

You can innovate simple meditation techniques to your child through apps such equally Grin Mind.

Physical exercise is also very effective. Running, walking, swimming or any form of physical exercise is positive.

Personal coping strategies

The causes of your child’southward self-damage will most probable require back up from a mental wellness care professional for longer-term solutions than those suggested above.

At that place are likewise negative coping strategies such as alcohol and drug misuse then information technology’south important that your child has a range of positive options that they observe work for them.

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Positive Coping Skills Include All of the Following Except

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