Lola Needs to Sign 96 Invitations

Lola Needs to Sign 96 Invitations


Ooooh, fun!”

– Lola’s repeated line

Oh, I dunno. I estimate it’s just in my genes. Oh, wait, I’one thousand not wearing jeans. (Gasp) I should get some jeans!”

– Customer Service

Lola Bunny
is Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend. Lola talks a mile-a-minute, tin be absent-minded on occasion, super friendly and adorable, and grows on anyone who is effectually her long enough.


Lola with Walter Bunny Hear Bugs’ revving Noises.

I object. I’m sad Bun-Bun. I know how much you beloved me, but I’m in honey with someone else! I’thou in dearest with HIM!”

– Members But

Lola first appears in the episode, Members Simply, at the Majestic Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club (or the R.O.G.O.O.O.C.C.) where she meets Bugs, while playing lawn tennis when she accidentally hits him with multiple lawn tennis balls as she’s practicing her horrible swing. They are both instantly attracted to ane another, so they decide to get out for dinner and a movie. However, Bugs quickly finds out on their appointment that Lola’s high-spirited personality causes her to talk constantly (speaking what’south on her mind at all times), exist forgetful or dislocated about certain facts, and become and then absent-minded-minded that she even mistakes the trailers before the moving picture as the film itself.

Afterwards the date Bugs decides to avoid Lola, having go annoyed and embarrassed past her quirks (going so far as to say their commencement appointment was the worst of his life). Lola, on the other hand, found their date to be the best of her life and tries to go a concord of Bugs through constant phone calls and 128 emails, all of which Bugs exasperatedly ignores. Lola and so “runs into” Bugs at the dry cleaners, grocery store and gym. Lola startles Bugs at the gym, which causes an blow that results in a massive weight being dropped on Bugs’s neck, simply is soon saved past a gym regular. Lola tearfully tells Bugs that she doesn’t know what she’d practise if she e’er lost him. He then tells Lola he tin’t see her anymore, proverb he’s not sure if they’re correct for each other. Lola, devastated, starts crying uncontrollably until Bugs deceitfully exclaims he didn’t hateful it, and to his dismay and Lola’south excitement, agrees to go out with her once more.

In an attempt to end their relationship, Bugs dresses up as a woman at the R.O.G.O.O.O.C.C. and tries to convince Lola that he’ll end up breaking her eye. When Bugs returns to Lola moments afterward, without his disguise on, Lola reveals that the only thing she took abroad from the conversation with the “ugly woman” is that Bugs is a “bad boy”, making her a “bad girl” and even more attracted to him. Lola and then notices her parents and introduces them to Bugs. Her dad says that Lola has told them so much virtually him, however Bugs decries that she doesn’t know annihilation about him. Lola and her parents hysterically laugh his annotate off, much to his uncomfortableness. Bugs excuses himself and goes to the bathroom and talks to himself in the mirror in an attempt to convince himself to end information technology with Lola. He takes a mint from the bathroom attendant earlier he leaves, but drops it before making another break-up effort. It rolls underneath Lola’s seat, and when he reaches downwards to pick it upward, Lola thinks he is proposing to her and screams yes. Lola is quick to plan and organize the wedding with Pepe Le Pew, the club’s wedding planner. In a twist of events, at the wedding, she runs off with Pepe, maxim she is in love with him, much to Bugs’ relief.

Lola Needs to Sign 96 Invitations


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