Kevin Had 13 Coins in His Pocket

Kevin Had 13 Coins in His Pocket

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What makes some American currency pieces among the nigh valuable coins ever? It’s a combination of factors like scarcity, minting errors and historical significance. Hither are x of the nearly valuable old U.Southward. coins for you to start saving your nigh valuable American pennies for.

1913 Liberty Head V Nickel

Lady Liberty dons the front end of this five-cent piece, but that was a mistake, making the 1913 Liberty Caput 5 nickel extremely rare. Just five of these coins were minted and done so without the permission of the U.South. Treasury. The coins are worth three to 4 million dollars, depending on condition.

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What makes this silver dollar then expensive is it’s the first dollar to be minted by the U.S. Federal Regime. I sold for $10 million in 2013, aCC0rding to Mental Floss, and its 2019 value is closer to $825,000, making it the quaternary most valuable U.Southward. coin on CoinTrackers listing.

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1870 S Liberty Seated Dollar

“S” stands for San Francisco, the location where the most expensive of the 1870 Liberty Seated dollars were minted. The S coins might fetch most $177,000 in 2019, but if in certified mint status, ane might be worth almost ii million dollars, aCC0rding to CoinTracker.

1927 D St. Gaudens Double Eagle

In 1933, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an Executive Order requiring all gold coins to be redeemed for newspaper currency to prevent gold hoarding. The coins were melted downwards and converted to gilded confined. The 180,000 1927 D St. Gaudens Double Eagle coins that were originally minted fell prey to this order and were reduced to only 11 to 15. CoinTrackers estimates its value at $1,200,000 in early 2019.

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1838 O Capped Bust Half Dollar

What makes these coins extremely rare is that only a handful – about 20 or fewer — were produced in the New Orleans branch of the U.S. Mint. You lot might purchase one for about $160,000, if y’all can notice one, or up of $745,000 if it’southward in certified mint state.

1933 Indian Head Aureate Eagle

It seems that a small number of these ten-dollar coins were released after President Roosevelt’s guild in 1933 forbidding gold hoarding, thus making information technology technically legal to own the coins. Thirty or twoscore may yet be, says Indian Head Eagles, and some have sold for up to $552,000.

1817/iv Capped Bust Half Dollar

A marvel in production causes these coins to exist extremely rare. On the money’s date, the seven in 1817 is stamped over a four. The 7 over fours are by far the rarest of the half dollars produced at the Philadelphia Mint, explains CoinWeek. Eleven are known to be and may be worth most $500,000.

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1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar

The 1797 version of the U.S. half dollar has 15 stars encircling Lady Liberty, which sets it autonomously from 50-cent pieces made in previous and following years. An uncirculated mint condition specimen may be worth over a million dollars, aCC0rding to USA Money Book, or even nearly $xl,000 in just good condition.

1901 Morgan Silver Dollar

Near 1901 Morgan Silvery Dollars are worth around $3,000. But there’s one uncirculated coin in MS-65 condition — that’s Mint Land Precious stone Uncirculated with merely pocket-size marks or imperfections, explains Heritage Auction. This 1901 coin is considered the rarest Morgan silver dollar minted at the Philadelphia mint, valued at near $425,000.

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1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar

Another Morgan Silver Dollar, this one was minted in San Francisco. Only 100,000 of the coins were originally minted, and since they were much needed in the economy in 1893, very few are in mint status. Those that are might grab upwards of $300,000.

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Kevin Had 13 Coins in His Pocket


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