Before You Attempt to Change a Tire Yourself You Should

Guide to Irresolute a Tire Like a Pro

How to Change a Apartment Tire – Stride past Step

Then you’re driving along, not a care in the world, when of a sudden the route gets a little bumpy. And lumpy. You’ve got a flat tire. What exercise y’all do?

Get Off the Road – Safely

Starting time things first: you are going to want to pull over and find a safe place. The longer you drive on a flat tire, the more damage you are doing to your bike, your axle, your alignment, and more. Y’all are besides increasing the likelihood of an accident. Your car can fishtail and swerve out of control if you go on trying to bulldoze on a flat tire.

Getting Ready to Change a Tire

Once you lot’re in a safe location, you accept to appraise whether or not it’southward safe to attempt and alter the tire yourself. You need to consider:

  • Is the ground stable?
    If it’south grass, or sand, or anything that isn’t 100% solid, you should not effort to modify your tire.
  • Is the footing level?
    If the footing is uneven or hilly, it’s very dangerous to attempt to alter your tire.

You also need to concern yourself with the traffic. If, for example, your tire blows out on the pike, and y’all pull over to the shoulder, and there are cars zipping past, it’s risky to alter your tire – particularly if it’s on the left side of your car. You can set out traffic comes or flares if you have them, and they might provide you with enough infinite, just if you feel at all uncomfortable, yous should call AAA or a tow truck.

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Setting Up for Changing a Tire

If the footing is level and even, and y’all have plenty of room, yous can movement on to the next footstep.

  • Put the car in Park
  • Apply the parking brake
  • Brimming the tires with a rock or slice of wood

Take the jack out of your car (you have a jack in your car, right?) and identify it under the frame close to the tire that needs replacing. Double cheque to ensure that the jack is going to brand contact with the metal of the frame.


Raise the Car with the Car Jack

Raise up the jack until it is supporting – but not lifting – the car. The flat tire should still exist touching the ground. This will give y’all the buy needed to remove the lug nuts.

Pop the hub cap off, if it’s covering up the lug nuts, and and then proceed to loosen them upwardly. Don’t take them off completely yet.

This is also a good fourth dimension to double check the stability of the motorcar jack. Does information technology shimmy and shake when you’re removing the lug nuts? If and then, lower the jack, readjust until it’southward stable, and enhance the automobile over again.

Bandy out the Flat Tire for the Spare

Once the lug nuts are loosened, raise the car jack until the flat tire is hovering slightly above the basis. Remove the lugs by hand, and putt off the apartment. Place information technology under the auto, so that if the car jack collapses, the car volition fall onto the old wheel, and prevent an injury.

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Side by side, slide the spare tire on, and mitt-tighten the lug nuts. When they are no longer able to plow by hand, finish the job with your wrench.

  • Tighten the lug nuts evenly and diagonally, rather than one at a time, to ensure that they are all as tight.

Lower the jack until the spare tire is touching the ground, and requite the lug nuts a final tightening.

Finishing Upwards

Lower the auto all the way, and put the jack, wrench, and flat tire away. Supersede the hubcap if you took it off. Drive to the mechanic and get the apartment fixed or replaced. The mechanic should exist able to put the repaired tire on for yous, and so yous don’t have to get your hands muddy again.

Before You Attempt to Change a Tire Yourself You Should


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