Anxious is to Calm as Amateur is to

Anxious is to Calm as Amateur is to.

I get information technology, I’ve been at that place besides. You need something to reduce your anxiety right now because you’re feeling overwhelmed and broken-hearted and antsy. Hither’southward some tips and practices on how to at-home down.

Not every practise will piece of work for every i. Some of these work for me sometimes, and sometimes they don’t. That’south why I have so many to draw from and endeavor when I need it. I hope this helps you.

What If I have Anxiety Correct Now? Here’s How to At-home Downwardly

I’ve learned nigh a lot of techniques to assist with anxiety or panic attacks in the moment. Hither are some that have helped me the almost.

1. Evaluate Your Worries

When I am in the midst of worry and I experience my body start to tingle and my centre beginning to race, I try to evaluate what exactly I’thou getting anxiety over considering half time I don’t exactly know!

Once I pinpoint the worry, I validate my feelings: “Yeah, this is a big exam. It is natural to feel some anxiety beforehand.”

Then I footing my worry and make sure it’south non unrealistic: “This is merely a test. It’s a tiny signal in my life.”

And so I practise some deep animate techniques. Breath in and count to 2, breath out and count to iv. While breathing I do some more thought validation. I jiff until I experience my heart charge per unit calm downward.

2. Gratitude

If my #1 doesn’t exercise the trick, I endeavour out some gratitude and feelings of self love. I start listing what I’m grateful for.

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I am grateful for my married man who loves and supports me.

I am grateful for my family who love and support me.

I am grateful for the fresh air I exhale as I walk through the park.

I am grateful for birdsong, cricket sounds, and the owl’south hoot.

I am grateful for my journal ever there for me to fill with creativity and love.

Listing out what I’m grateful for fills me with appreciation, and gratitude which I feel are opposite from feet. I experience information technology melt away as I remember about all the love in my life. Listing things also gets my attending off whatever is giving me feet.

Side Annotation: My favorite Feet Podcast

The video beneath is an episode from one of my favorite podcasts:

Your Anxiety Toolkit past Kimberly Quinlan
. She is such a help in equipping you with the tools yous need to manage your feet. Every episode she comes out with is super helpful. The video I embedded below from this podcast could be useful to you as it was for me. She can teach you how to calm downwardly too.

3. Distraction

Side by side on my list is some class of distraction to get my mind away from the snowball of overthinking that tends to happen.

Lark tin can be anything from, calling a friend, to cleaning the house, to doing a conditioning or reading a book. I discover all of these to exist a corking way to help my anxiety go away. In one case my mind is pulled out of the worrying thoughts and is focused on something else, I’m by the worst of information technology.

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four. Reading

I’thou thinking this could be considered a grade of distraction since I’one thousand making myself focus on something other than my worries, simply this deserves a category all of its own.

I discover that reading is actually one of the all-time ways to help quell my racing thoughts. I focus my listen on my book and go wrapped up in the story I’chiliad reading. I feel my racing listen slow and my body begins to relax.

This is a swell option if you find yourself stationery and unable to movement from a spot, like you’re sitting passenger seat in a car in traffic. Some other thing you could do if you are the person who is driving, is listen to an audiobook in the car. Listening to a volume in the car removes that urgency for me if I’k sitting in traffic on my way home from work.

reading how to calm down

v. Deep Breathing

I usually will do this immediately upon feeling anxious and in combination with the other exercises. Deep animate can really help yous relax.

When I feel anxious, I will close my optics and start breathing in while counting to 2. So I concord information technology a second and count to 4 while releasing slowly. I’ll do this as many times as I need to until I feel myself kickoff to calm down.

This is why I love doing Yoga as a preventative do or fifty-fifty when I’thousand feeling broken-hearted. The focus on concious jiff is most definitely calming.

6. The Five Senses

This last one I’ve found online and a lot of people say information technology helps them. It’southward last on the listing considering I actually use it the least. I observe my other tools more helpful. This however tin can do the fob of calming your heed and distracting it from the worry at hand.

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Here’s how you do information technology:

five- Acknowledge
things you can
around you lot.

iv- Acknowledge

things yous can
effectually you.

iii- Acknowledge
things you

2- Acknowledge
things y’all

1- Acknowledge
thing you tin can

I see my desk, pen, water bottle, newspaper, and telephone. I can bear on my cardigan, soft chair, smooth desk and the ground nether my anxiety. I can hear typing, sniffling, and chatter from people near by. I can aroma my pencil shavings and make clean smell of my face mask. I can taste a hint of tomato lingering from my lunch.

After you’ve successfully listed all the senses, you lot should experience yourself relaxing.

Calming Your Anxiety

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Anxious is to Calm as Amateur is to


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