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Named later on the classic ninety’s Nokia telephone,

32 tens

are a retro video games and music obsessed indie outfit from the Northwestern UK town of Warrington. The ring pioneer a unique blend of sing-along indie anthems with mod urban lyrical flows and authentic themes. They played their first gig in September 2017 to a crowd of more than than 3000 people supporting Billy Bragg and Maximo Park. Their offset single Insane Asylum was released the same month followed by


in October which, by the shut of 2018 had been placed in the acme-ten about streamed tracks across all of Spotify’south Indie Lists for the year aslope the likes of Blossoms, Lewis Capaldi and The 1975. With a steady stream of releases to their credit, their latest existence Happy, released on 15th May 2020 and picked up past Spotify for their Hot New Bands playlist.

In that location are no pretences with

32 tens
, what y’all meet is what you get, a completely different creature to the polished Television receiver formats that beginning launched frontman Max Vickers into the public eye or drummer Danny Hall’s previous venture with Busted’s James Bourne and Son of Dork. They are laid back, authentic and full of gritty integrity – dirty indie at its best, with influences from Jamie T, Jack White and The Arctic Monkeys.

Giving incredibly stiff live performances and with their streaming stats now running into the millions, they are tipped as ones to watch by many sources including BBC Introducing’s Dave Monks, Fred Perry Sub-Civilization, This Feeling, Getintothis & Gigslutz.

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32 tens are:

Max Vickers – Vocals and Guitar

Sam Glancy – Lead Guitar

Danny Hall – Drums


Pre-lockdown, the band had already played national dates this twelvemonth in Derby and Portsmouth and had other dates and festival slots in the diary including London.

Festivals have included

Dot to Dot



2017, 2018 & 2019


When in Manchester.

At Liverpool’s

Audio City

2019, they attracted the biggest crowd the venue saw over the whole event.

Supports take included Feet for SJM, Maximo Park, The Zangwills & Max’s old flatmate, Mo Jamil.

Printing & Media Quotes

‘Warrington ring whose sole aim is to give a expert time to all. And a proficient fourth dimension and move y’all shall’ –

This Feeling

‘Seriously funking good’ –

Fred Perry Sub-Culture

‘Set to make a serious bear upon on the unsigned, emerging music scene.…. awesome band’ –


‘32 Tens were quite the treat, the place was bouncing. They sit somewhere between Jack White and Jamie T, enough of punch and a raft of great tracks, splendid’ –


‘Spotter out for 32 tens grooves and moves; the boys have set Spotify on burn and are sure to do the aforementioned at venues across all over the U.k.. Ones to watch’ –


‘I retrieve you’ve got everyone in the palm of your paw’ –

Jennifer Hudson

‘Quirky fashion, distinctive vocals and an endearing cheeky amuse’ –


‘Awesome, crawly, crawly song…. I tin’t become plenty of this ring.…. Vivid!’ –

Anchor FM/New Music

‘These boys rock in a whole ‘indie’ manner of their own’ –


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‘Sings similar his Mum’s merely told him to plow his 10-box off’ –

obbie Williams

Previous Media Coverage

Includes –

Max Vickers – The Radio Times, What’s on Boob tube, Metro, The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Mirror, Daily Mail, Express, Sun, UK Style, Yahoo, ITV, BBC.

32 tens – Warrington Worldwide, Guardian Series, Mancunian Matters, Manchester Evening News, Get Into This, Track of the week – Gigslutz. This Feeling & Fred Perry Subculture, BBC Introducing.


Latest Release – Happy

Release date 15th May 2020


– is about the underlying pressure to be happy all the fourth dimension and how a change of mindset can sometimes make the departure to how a person feels. It’south well-nigh someone going through life facing inner struggles whilst trying to figure themselves out, often hiding the truth backside a social mask. Hopefully, it conveys a sense that information technology’southward always worth keeping going, looking towards the horizon when a current reality seems gloomy.

Max Vickers says, ‘Hither’s our new tune

! Ane of the showtime songs we wrote as a band which has inspired the states to go on to writing more tunes that, in turn, will inspire us in the future to keep writing more than tunes….’

Sam Glancy adds, ‘The song also reminds me of Fajita’s which makes me happy’


is often the opening song in the band’s live shows as it sets upwardly a high energy feel, allowing the band and the audiences to get into their groove.



by 32 tens (Lyrics)

The night was getting cold

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The lie right in your soul

Oh, if you effort a little flake, you could exist happy

The nighttime was getting cold

The lie correct in your soul

Oh, if you try a little bit, yous could exist happy

I was killing with the kids that end of the bits

Keep moving your oral fissure, don’t know what you lot’re talking well-nigh

At that place’s no coin, I’m never in a hurry

My mind’south in a war just to others seem funny

I might play the part but the character’s staged and I don’t know who you are

And this narrative ain’t me getting drunk at the bar

I’m even higher than whatever human being, she said then

My friends talk an atrocious lot

I’ll be back here living in an awful joy

Wondering when I’thousand back on the trounce

Whole crew hither, laughing at me, yeah

There’s one for the money and two for the show, three for the limits come on permit me go, become, become

It’s on my mind go on telling me all the time, ain’t got beats, well we ain’t godamn

Just effort a little bit, c’mon merely try a little bit

C’monday simply try a little scrap, c’mon just endeavour a little, just try a little

Just try a niggling chip, c’mon just try a little bit

Yeah c’mon just try a piddling bit, then you could exist happy

32 Tens is the Same as

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